Galacticaz (Emmanuel’s record label) is delighted to present F#, Drunk Pedestrians’ 6th album.

Drunk Pedestrians-F#-album

F# is also the third chapter of the illustrated story relating the picaresque adventures of the intergalactic wandering minstrels (yes) in trouble with the law and forced to travel through time. The story, written by Chris Scheidies and writersDan Marshalland Shoshana Frerking, illustrated by Nathan Lorenzana, is available on the group’s website.

Echoing the adventures of the Drunk Pedestrians, the 11 tracks on the album offer an equally intriguing sonic journey, from the love of hip hop, to dissident electronic notes and cinematic songs.

To create this world, Drunk Pedestrians has invited along a range of guest vocalists. “I find it very interesting working with different types of artists,” says Chris, the band’s mastermind. So guests include some figures from the North American indie hip hop scene of the 2000s and 2010s, such as emcees Eternia, Venomous2000 and Voice Monet.On a more intimate note, folk vocalist and electronic musician Julianna McDuffie appears on two tracks.

Chris says: “I feel very strongly about the power of art to reduce human suffering.Connecting with another human soul through music is as close as we can get to telepathy. I think artists have a responsibility to always do their best and never ‘phone it in.’It’s disrespectful to the art form, the audience and yourself.”