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Dessin Emmanuel Trépied-Kormann

© Jean-Luc Marçais

From an early age, the Parisian Emmanuel Trep Kormann was passionate about music. He was a kid when he started composing songs after seeing James Brown and Wagner’s Tetralogy on TV. As he got a little older he would play clarinet concertinos and freestyle over the beats of the then up-and-coming rap producers of the times, he started to get the feeling that there could be many bridges between all styles of music… From the experience, it became virtually impossible for him to keep within the limits of the existing musical styles.

During the second half of the nineties, he formed a band. The music was an eclectic mix of his various musical influences, resulting in an indefinable fusion clearly geared towards hip-hop and acoustic funk. At the time Gang Starr, Steve Coleman, Les Little MC’s and Portishead were pinnacles in his world.

In the early 2000s, the young French musician turned towards electronic music and he started to feel the music he was making was not so far from the broken beat movement and also the more experimental strands of electronic music breaking through at the time. Most nights would spent recording music on his home studio catching up on lost sleep during the lectures at university. From his turntables came mixes of the sounds of John Coltrane, Def Jux productions, The Impressions, or some Stravinsky and Ligeti pieces.

In 2011, his remix of jazz pianist Phil Raphael’s ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ (Heavenly Sweetness) is elected ‘Best remix of the year’ on Up and Down Radio (Dublin) and can be found on the playlists of renowned dj’s worldwide (Mathiew Schreyer, KCRW…).

At the start of 2012 Emmanuel came to release his first album, Obscur Etrange, on Barry Adamson’s Central Control International. Influenced by movie soundtracks, soul music and the various strains of jazz and electronica, it is a summarisation and analysis of all he has felt and experienced before condensed into a concise, powerful and blissful 40 minute invitation into his world.

Emmanuel Trépied-Kormann concert la java Paris

Live at La Java, Paris. © Sandrine Marc

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